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About Us

Welcome to the Krüger Escapes family, and our dream.

After a lifetime of outdoor pursuits, we worked, imagined, schemed, and dreamed…driving ourselves toward the creation of Kruger Escapes. We worked to gain the scope of experience required for enjoyment and safety. We imagined a livelihood that would give voice to our passion for adventure and joy in a day well spent. With the help of family and friends we pulled together the endless details required. We’re excited to welcome you aboard!

Captain Karl Kruger taught himself to windsurf at twelve years old and worked his way up to 420s, Lasers, Hobbies, and a variety of Keelboats…always yearning for a better ride. He began teaching sailing when he was 17 and has taught intermittently ever since. Karl now holds a United States Coast Guard 100 Ton Master’s License with Sail and Tow endorsements. He has lived in the great Pacific Northwest for 20 years, cruising extensively in the San Juan Islands and  Canadian Gulf Islands. During the Summer of 2009, with his wife and young daughter, Karl sailed aboard a 36’ sailing vessel up the Inside Passage from Orcas Island, WA to Ketchikan, AK, and back again. Karl and his family loved the daily adventure of investigating remote coves and beautiful beaches. It was on this trip that the dream of marrying skiing/ surfing and sailing was cemented in his mind and heart…North of Orcas there is over 900 miles of mountains you can sail among…

On land, Karl climbed his first Adirondack High Peak when he was three years old. He remembers it well. He climbed the rest of the High Peaks before he turned twelve. Karl began cross-country skiing when he first walked and has forgotten his first bruises from learning to Alpine ski. Since then, he has guided rock, ice, and alpine climbing. He has climbed significant routes in every mountain state, skied where it matters most, and raced on both skis and alpine snowboard. Karl also worked as a ski instructor, served on several Search and Rescue organizations, and has worked for the National Ski Patrol. He holds current certifications for CPR and Outdoor Emergency Care. Karl holds a B.S. in Environmental Science/ Toxicology and an A.A.S. in Ecology and Environmental Technology. He worked as an intern for the Dept. of Ecology in Bellingham, WA, and was an instructor for several EarthWatch International trips in the Skagit Valley.

In the 2017 Race to Alaska, Karl became the first person to paddle the 750-mile racecourse on a Stand Up Paddleboard.

To learn more about Karl and his epic adventures visit the Karl Kruger official website.


Activities Director Dagny Kruger moved aboard a 36’ sailboat when she was five months old. She grew up loving her “boat home,” has excellent balance, and knows all about climbing in and out of dinghies. She took her first multi-day sailing trip when she was five weeks old, and knows a thing or two about diesel mechanics. She moved aboard Tomahawk when she was two years old, and knows every inch of the boat (on and off the deck). Now living aboard Winkapew, she has a new set of rig tricks. Her favorite destinations include beaches, beaches, and beaches. A place with ice cream never hurts either.