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The Boats

We are STOKED to welcome you aboard our beautiful sailboat!

When skipper Mark Schrader set in motion his plan to sail “Around the Americas,” he knew he’d need a strong, versatile vessel built not only for the rigors of the Arctic Circle and the Northwest Passage, but also one capable of quick, safe, reliable blue water passages. After an extensive search for the perfect boat on both sides of the Atlantic, he found what he was looking for in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. Ocean Watch is a 64-foot steel cutter designed by Bruce Roberts, and is outfitted and laid out for extensive long-range voyaging and expedition-style sailing. The mission succeeded, and in 2009, Ocean Watch became the first vessel to circumnavigate both North AND South America. (Check Out

Built in Havre de Grace, Maryland, in 1988, Ocean Watch is a stout, rugged yacht displacing 44 tons with a draft of 8-feet and a beam of just over 16-feet. Built of ¼-inch steel plate, the center-cockpit sailboat’s underbody configuration is a deep fin with a skeg-hung rudder. The double-headsail cutter rig consists of a high-clewed yankee jib, a staysail, a powerful mainsail with three deep reefs, and an asymmetric spinnaker for off-wind sailing. For the last decade, Ocean Watch (ex-Danzante III) has been utilized as a marine-science research platform and live-aboard cruising boat off the coast of Baja California.

Krüger Escapes LLC purchased the good ship Ocean Watch in May of 2018, and formed a partnership with Around the Americas in the process. The goal is to run a second science expedition. Captain Karl Krüger will skipper the second Around the Americas Expedition. Ocean Watch will be available for charter during portions of the expedition, and updates will be posted on our Facebook page as well as here on the website. If you have ever wanted to participate in science aboard a steel cutter, this is your chance!!! Bookings will need to be made by email or scheduled phone calls.

For information about the upcoming repeat of that expedition, have a look at

BOATS we have loved… Our story…

The idea for our company was born aboard our 36’ S/V Adios while sailing north to Alaska. Upon returning to Alaska, we sold Adios in order to purchase the S/V Tomahawk. Here, you can read about the boats we have owned, sailed and loved. While we no longer own them, they are very much part of our story, and part of Kruger Escapes.

The word “winkapew” (pronounced wing-KAH-poe) is from the Coastal Algonquian language. Winkapew means ‘good person’ and would be used with someone who was from one’s tribe, but was not one’s relative.*

Winkapew (wing-KAH-poe) is our new girl! We bought her in September of 2014, and brought her up the West Coast from San Francisco to the San Juan Islands.

Winkapew is a 1972 C&C 61′ Ketch, and we are beyond excited to have added her to Kruger Escapes! Built by the esteemed C&C Yachts, she is one of only six off her mold. Several of the six made racing history (see Sorcery and Robon), and each 61′ was custom tailored during construction to their owners’ specifications.

Winkapew is fast, stable, spacious, and comfortable. She boasts two private cabins for guests (we are adding a third), a dedicated guest shower and head, a fantastic galley and a bright, airy interior.

Did we mention she’s fast?

On deck, you can relax in her wide, covered, center cockpit, enjoying the views while riding in comfort.

Winkapew is the result of endless hours (days, weeks… years!) spent searching for the perfect boat for our multi-day sails and adventure trips.

*Source: Coastal Carolina Indian Center, translated by Dr. Blair A. Rudes.


The word “tomahawk” finds its origin in the Algonquian language. For over two hundred years, the tomahawk was both a weapon and a symbol of peace.*

Tomahawk is an exceptional sailing vessel. In every way she embodies the passion and soul of the sport, allowing our guests to experience performance yacht design at its best. The wind and water are truly Tomahawk’s elements, with her design allowing high speeds and superb handling characteristics.

Tomahawk’s decks are spacious and dedicated to the business of sailing. Under sail, guests will experience the fantastic visibility offered by her clear decks and cockpits.

For the more technically inclined (or simply curious) she is a 1981 50′ German Frers IOR Custom. She has an aluminum hull, elliptical fin keel and elliptical spade rudder. Above decks she boasts a fully battened main, carbon fiber/kevlar headsails and spinnaker with sock.

Tomahawk is our day/sunset sail and racing girl. She can also accomodate four (4) overnight guests looking for glamping at its sailing best. Tomahawk has great, comfortable bunks, a nice head, and an awesome galley with fridge, oven and range.

Tomahawk was built as an ocean racer. In 2011, we brought her out of “racing retirement,” entering both the Benson Cup and the Round the County Race. Currently, we are piecing together the rich racing history of her early years. At the bottom of the page are the results of our research. If you happen to have specific information that is not included here, or can add to what we have, we would love to hear it! Please visit our Contact Us page to send it to us. Thanks!

*Source: “Tools and Weaponry of the Frontiersman and Indian” by Ray Louis