Current Trips/Projects - Kruger Escapes
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Current Trips/Projects

You can always find the latest news pictures on our Facebook Page!

We are based on Orcas Island year round, and are ready to take you sailing or sailing with a twist!

Clean Surf Beach Cleanup

Our SECOND Annual CLEAN SURF Beach Cleanup Project was on April 22nd – 24th, 2016 at Hobuck and Shi Shi Beaches. We are so stoked that in our first year we had over 30 volunteers signed up for the event, AND a total of twelve event sponsors & partners joining us to make the first CLEAN SURF possible! This will be an annual event, so please email us if you would like to get on our contact list to join us for a weekend of surf, fun, and cleaner beaches.


Kruger Escapes – Orcas Island, WA

Rain Shadow Consulting – Orcas Island, WA

Surf Ballard – Seattle, WA

Hobuck Beach Resort – Neah Bay, WA

Island Hoppin’ Brewery –  Orcas Island, WA

Island Business Services – Orcas Island, WA

Island Chef Services – Orcas Island, WA

San Juan Island Whale & Wildlife Tours – Friday Harbor, WA

CoastSavers – WA State

Surfrider Foundation – Port Angeles Chapter

Madrona Point Insurance – Orcas Island, WA

High Street Design – Carrboro, NC *Clean Surf 2015 Design

San Juan Canvas – Friday Harbor, WA  

Vashon Massage & Sports Therapy – Vashon Island

Blue Dog Builders – Vashon Island

Upcoming Trips:

Oh Boy! Karl is registered for the 2017 Race to Alaska (R2AK) in June! This is an all out water race from Port Townsend, WA to Ketchikan, AK… about 750 miles that racers must paddle, sail, row, and even pedal… depending on the watercraft they have chosen. Engines out, Wiley Tactics and Brawn in! Go ahead and discover Karl’s Team Heart of Gold! (Then get ready to cheer him on!)

Team Heart of Gold was officially accepted by Race To Alaska! Now comes the harder part… though to be sure they didn’t make entering the race easy!

This is the third year of R2AK, and Kruger Escapes’ second year sponsoring a team. AND… as far as we know… only the second time anyone has attempted to SUP the Inside Passage from Port Townsend, WA to Ketchikan, AK (The first time Karl tried was last year). If you’re rooting for Team Heart of Gold, focus all your weather energy thoughts on either a windless June, or some awesome friendly Southerlies.

Check out Karl’s Race Bio, courtesy of the genius behind R2AK.

Why Team Heart of Gold?

Apparently Neil Young’s lyrics weren’t funny enough to inspire the writers at R2AK, but that’s okay, because they didn’t inspire Team Heart of Gold either. The Heart of Gold is a fictional spaceship conceived of by author Douglas Adams and powered by The Infinite Improbability Drive:

“The Infinite Improbability Drive is a wonderful new method of crossing interstellar distances in a few seconds; without all that tedious mucking about in hyperspace. As the Improbability Drive reaches infinite improbability, it passes through every conceivable point in every conceivable universe almost simultaneously. In other words, you’re never sure where you’ll end up or even what species you’ll be when you get there. It’s therefore important to dress accordingly.” – The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Team Heart of Gold’s Sponsors

Just contact us if you’d like to join this list!

We’re posting Karl’s training photos on our  facebook page, so please follow along there!